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Our Approach

Our Vision Statement

Making a difference where a difference matters
• Promoting knowledge
• Supporting growth
• Embracing diversity

Our Mission Statement

Facilitating growth and development in families and communities by responding to the need for information, education, resources and support.

Our Values

Our service is built on the values of inclusion, self determination and the power of individuals
to grow and change.

We bring passion to our work and we are committed to the people we serve and to our community.

We believe a positive attitude and a resilient spirit makes a difference in our work with
people and communities.

We respect and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and welcome all ideas, beliefs and opinions.

We foster an environment for growth and development by continuously learning and embracing change.

We are a responsive professional and accountable service that continuously works to improve all that we do.

We contribute to a strong community by ensuring we are ethical and fair in all of our actions.


Our Goals

To provide parent education programs with the aim of increasing parents’ confidence and ability to offer a supportive growth environment for their children.

To provide programs to enhance individual strengths and enrich interpersonal skills.

To promote awareness on and to keep current with issues affecting family life.

To respond to the diversity of individuals, families and the changing demographics of our community.

To maintain a liaison with social and educational services in the community.

To support development of other community-based social services that enhances the lives of clients and other citizens of the community.