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Adult Mental Health


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Adult Mental Health

Adult Mental Health Resource Centre:  The AMHRC provides information about mental illness and mental wellness through public education and private speaking engagements, mental health screenings and other community events. The Centre also offers psycho-educational groups.  Our core services are Free and funded through the Fraser Health Authority. For more information, or to register, please call Karin Rai at 604-467-6055 (ext 104) or amh@familyed.bc.ca

Referrals for Consumers and Families

Anyone with a mental health concern can speak to our outreach worker during office hours. It’s best to call ahead to ensure that the worker will be available at the time you want to come in. The outreach worker will assist you in finding the help you need.

Support Groups

We have comfortable and attractive meeting space for mental health support groups. Call us if you are interested in participating in or starting a group. We will accommodate your group if possible; or if not, we will refer you to a support group at another location.

Adult Mental Health Programs Offered


Karin Rai

Adult Mental Health Program Coordinator

604 467-6055 ext 104